Kelp Forest Foundation announced MIT SOLVE 2022 WINNER together with reNature and Kelp Blue

We are proud to have been selected as a Solver of the Solve – MIT 2022 Climate: Ecosystems + Housing Global Challenge. Our collaboration with reNature and Kelp Blue provides a solution that will be regenerating soil, going beyond repairing damage, using cultivated kelp.

The MIT Solve’s Global Challenges seek social entrepreneurs who are using technology to solve today’s most pressing problems. With our solution, we will be designing and implementing a system applying cultivated giant kelp biostimulants in regenerative agriculture, specifically agroforestry. Our solution will address 1) crop health, focusing on solving abiotic stress by enhancing plant resilience; and 2) farm health, contributing to a negative carbon agriculture that supports farmers. By improving soil and substituting chemical fertiliser with biostimulants, we work towards our goal of improving local ecosystems to produce better goods and services, thereby increasing the farmers and their communities’ environmental and economic resilience.

Click this link to view Felipe Villela, Founder of reNature, pitch the solution during the MIT Solve Finals at minute 24:50.