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About Us

The “Kelp Forest Foundation” (KFF) is a Netherlands-registered non-profit charity with a vision of harnessing the power of giant kelp to help restore the health of the planet.

Even though the ecological role and benefits of kelp are currently understudied, kelp forests are known to sequester huge amounts of carbon, provide long term solutions to climate change, and also serve as a foundation species for vast marine ecological pyramids.

The purpose of the foundation is to address the gap in science and knowledge around kelp forests’ ecosystem services. The KFF aims to raise the awareness of the economic and ecological importance of kelp forests, drive research, build knowledge and strengthen the science around wild forest restoration and cultivated kelp afforestation.

The research and results will be open access and made publicly available. In order to better enable all interested stakeholders, like governments, NGOs, researchers and companies, accelerate the awareness and application of kelp forests as powerful nature-based solutions to a range of environmental problems.

Funding for the foundation will come from a wide range of sources, including donations, grants, subsidies, prizes, and periodic contributions.

Our Team

Samantha Deane

Managing Director

Xu Ben Zhang

Project Manager

Scientific Advisory

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dr. Carlos M. Duarte

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Ian Hendy

Scientific Advisor

Finn Ross

Scientific Advisor

Board of Directors

Caroline Slootweg

Board Chair

Daniel Hooft

Board Member

Sarah Mathies

Board Member

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Tim Flannery

Chief Scientist

Kat Bruce

Board Member

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Annual Reports

Annual Report 2021