Harnessing the power of giant
kelp forests to restore the health
of our planet

We are a non-profit organisation aimed at establishing the ecosystem value of giant kelp as a recognised nature-based solution. We do this by driving science, enabling knowledge sharing and building capacity.

Kelp forests are magical underwater habitats, known to be one of the most productive natural ecosystems on the planet

Giant kelp’s role in coastal ecosystems have, for the most part, been poorly studied and quantified. The purpose of the Kelp Forest Foundation (KFF) is to address these gaps, with the aim to unlock the potential of giant kelp forests as powerful nature-based solutions to the climate and biodiversity challenges we face. Our work aims to drive research, build capacity and skills, and increase public awareness on these important ecosystems.

About Kelp Forest Foundation

Our Programme


Driving and conducting research on the ecosystem services provided by giant kelp forests, wild and cultivated

Ocean education

Enabling knowledge transfer and raising awareness about the vital ecological and economic benefits of kelp forests

Our Research Projects

Carbon sequestration pathway model

Collaborating with Prof. John Taylor, Dr. Ke Li and Dr. Jago Strong-Wright, whom are creating an open-source model to assess the carbon sequestration pathways of cultivated kelp.

Global eDNA & AI study of wild giant kelp forests

KFF is looking to combine eDNA and machine learning to create a holistic metric of ecosystem health metrics in giant kelp forest habitats globally. When fully funded, samples will be taken globally, including Falklands (already started), USA,Tristan da Cunha, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, etc.

Kelp carbon in sediments

This research project aims to quantify the kelp carbon accumulation rates in ocean sediments of the continental shelf.


Help us restore the health of our planet. Your donation has an important impact on establishing giant kelp forests as a tool to combat climate change and biodiversity loss globally.

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