Knowledge Sharing

Kelp Forest Foundation is building the capacity of the next generation of kelp scientists and farmers, by providing scholarships and supporting skills programme to coastal communities. Our work is focused on public awareness through conferences, webinars and thought leadership.


The Blue House Fellowship Programme is our flagship programme that showcases the potential of combining science, community and the kelp industry. The programme provides scholarship to local students to study important topics that help fill the gaps in the science on giant kelp. At the same time, the students are obtaining invaluable skills such as swimming, diving or other blue vocational skills to support them in becoming the next kelp scientist or farmer.


Our afterschool activities, hosted with the Luderitz Blue School, provide ocean education to primary school children to foster real ocean ambassadors.

Our extra-curricular program includes an Ocean’s Day, where local children follow environmental programmes and activities in the afternoons to learn about these important topics impacting the world today.

The Benguela Robotics Lab is a STEM programme where children are doing workshops on programming and robotics.


We aim to increase the awareness of the multiple ecosystem services of kelp forests and ensure this knowledge is publicly available to companies, governments, regulators, NGOs, academics, future kelp farmers and other stakeholders. KFF will do this by participating in and organising conferences, webinars and events and organise youth outreach programs to increase ocean sensitisation and education. We primarily use social media and film to disseminate valuable content and reach a wider audience