Unlocking the power of kelp

Together we can restore the health of our planet

Kelp forests are magical underwater habitats, known
to be one of the most productive natural ecosystems on the planet.

Despite their ecological, economic and social value, kelp forests are grossly understudied and poorly understood. At KFF, we fill those knowledge gaps — showcasing kelp’s potential to act as a viable solution against planetary crises like climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution.

As an action-driven organisation, we forge partnerships with researchers, industry leaders, and community members who share our vision reimagining a regenerative and thriving planet.

The value of kelp

$x.000 per ha in ecosystem services
40x species found compared to terrestrial forests
⅓ of global coastlines covered with kelp

Kelp supports new ways of restoring balance to the ocean and land. ​

Let us show you how in our video.

Our goals

Use kelp to fix climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss.
Creatie a regenerative blue economy and safeguard hundreds of millions of people
Restore 5 million hectares of kelp

Our focus areas

We work with scientists, coastal communities, and industry players to support the responsible expansion of kelp, both cultivated and wild. We do this through our key focus areas:


Establishing research programs and mentorship with universities to improve monitoring and evaluation systems of kelp forests’ ecological benefits.


Spearheading restoration projects across the globe that protect, restore, and reforest natural kelp forests.


Fostering new generations of ocean stewards and scientists by facilitating ocean-focused education programs, professional development opportunities, and safety courses to youth and students.

Our Achievements

Through our research, ocean education, and reforestation efforts, we have addressed key gaps in the science and knowledge around giant kelp’s ecosystem services; our impacts will continue to establish kelp forests as a powerful nature-based solution against climate change and other ecological issues such as ocean acidification and biodiversity loss.

Research Projects

Academic Research

Research Partners

Academic Research

Scholars Funded

Ocean Education


Our Partners​

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You can help us restore the health of our planet. Your donation, whether it’s a drop or an ocean, will help us take steps towards ocean regeneration using kelp.

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