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The Kelp Forest Foundation

founded in 2021


The “Kelp Forest Foundation” (shortened to KFF) is a Netherlands registered non-profit charity whose purpose is to boost knowledge, science & technology that serves to restore the health of oceans and atmosphere, initially around kelp afforestation and cultivation, and to make this publicly available.

At first the KFF will look to address the gap in science and knowledge around kelp forests’ ecosystem services – and to ensure this knowledge is publicly available to companies, governments, regulators, not-for-profits, academics, and other stakeholders in order to accelerate the awareness and application of kelp forests as powerful nature-based solution.


The funding of the Foundation consists of
  1. Donations and periodic contributions
  2. Grants
  3. Subsidies
  4. Proceeds of the activities (also) organized by the Foundation
  5. Results of fund-raising and actions
  6. Prizes
  7. And all other income
Donations may be made to the Kelp Forest Foundation


The Board of Trustees of the Foundation currently consists of the KFF Chairman and the KFF Managing Director.

Board members will not be compensated, only costs related to board meeting and travel expenses will be paid by the foundation.

Board of directors

The Kelp Forest Foundation is in the process of setting up its Board of Directors and Council of Experts.

Daniel Hooft

Board Chair & Founder

Samantha Deane

Managing Director


The Foundation funds may be used for
  • Support for its research program and technology innovation hub for the ocean space
  • Growth of the organization
  • Establishment of needed accredited methodologies
  • Contribution to relevant activities toward creating public awareness
  • As leverage when requesting other grant-making bodies to support KFF
  • Creation of a kelp seedbank and the needed activities to achieve it
  • Support for projects and activities that are of strategic value to KFF


Kelp Forest Foundation

Driesberseweg 3c
3708JA Zeist
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31623475431



RSIN: 862389677

Report & Activities: will be published December 2021

Financial Statement: will be published January 2022